Friday, 23 September 2011


List-D was a short lived local music institution for young offenders. In fact, this bunch of punk rock degenerates made the previous band, Misbehavin', seem very well behaved indeed, by comparison.
List-D were always getting into mischief in the late 70's - fighting at gigs, spraying their name all around Dundee, that kind of behaviour.
As far as I know, members came & went, so not sure if there ever was a settled line-up, but Jim Grieve, Colin Ramsay, Gordon "Fanta" Walker, were just some who attended this particular music academy.
From what I gather, those involved have since gone on to be successfully integrated back into society!
Since writing the original piece above, I have received a couple of items (below) that not only supply extra info about the band but also includes a photo.
The 2 cuttings come from the short-lived Dundee Standard newspaper and show List-D posing in some waste ground near the Grey Lodge where they used to rehearse.
Line-up, L to R - Jim Grieves (Sykes), drums - Mark Stuart (deceased), guitar - Eddie Harrington, bass and singer Dek McHugh aka Zippy.
Zippy was only 17 at the time of the photo and left Dundee before he was 18.
The main article refers to the band trying to move on from their punk past and mentions a recent gig they played at Junction 9.
The paper also asked Dek to pick his top 5 records for their "Off The Record" piece, which is what the other item is.
Many thanks to Dek.


  1. No mention of "Zippy" the singer ? shame there because it really started off as his idea. I think Eddie Harrington played bass for a wee while too. Saw them a few times, typical punk gig, never dull :) met Sykes a few times in his club. dab hand with a spray tin.

  2. List d were Zippy vocals, Sykes drums, Mark (r.I.p)guitar, Eddie bass. I can't remember fanta or colin being in List d weren't they in Quick Spurts or The aerosols?

  3. Thanks for the low-down on the band members. Couldn't find any complete info on that.
    It was Colin & Fanta themselves who said they had a stint in List-D, so that's why I mentioned it.

  4. I'm sure they rehearsed with them or "jammed" or something, most folk did :) but "cut out" is spot on with the line up most folk watched gig, as for "dab hand with a spray tin" rumour has it when in London Sykes used to go to all the football grounds and spray "DFC" at the front doors, it wouldn't surprise me !

  5. I'm sure Fanta and Hendrickx played in List-D when they did that gig at Tealing.

    1. The Tealing gig was Eddie Mark Sykes and Zippy,which was the line up in the above photo,the lineup always had me(Zippy)Mark and Sykes,me and Mark my 2nd cousin formed the band and I recruited Sykes whom I went to school with,at the time we were the only punks at the Rocky.Hendrix jammed/rehearsed with us but wasn't a member,Colin was for a while before Fanta or Eddie and Abe Macintosh was also in us for a while when we played st Martins hall at the tap o the hill,which ended in a full scale punch up,as did most of our gigs.Zippy Punk 365

    2. Ps,the above photo is L to R Sykes,Mark,Eddie,Zippy

  6. did hendo no play with them in the bowling ally wearing a kilt and fell through some drums

  7. was abe mcintosh not in listd? i know he was in the quick spurts and the aerosols with fanta he was also in bands with sykes hendrix and most of the rest of them

  8. Colin R use to ware a kilt all the time maybe it was him. So sad to hear of Marc Stuart's passing great guy

  9. Replies
    1. Indeed,but you are confusing the two, the Zippy who you refer to as dead is not me (Zippy Dek McHugh List -D) but a younger kid who became an early fan of ours. RIP

  10. Not Dek tho ?????
    Sure there was another Zippy

  11. Fuck Trainspotting 2, Choose the List-D REUNION!