Sunday, 31 July 2011


Time to take a wee summer break now, splash the Ambre Solaire on and all that malarky.
So before I go, I thought I'd treat you to a couple of typical carnival scenes - old school style!
These 2 shots are from 1966 and were taken in Arbroath.
I was there with my family and cousin, John, and it's John who's in the central yellow dodgem, crashing into no13. I'm his passenger - you can just make out my fringe behind his steering-wheel. You can all see the classic dodgem designs for yourself but you'll just have to imagine the classic sounds blasting out the PA at the time - Beatles, Small Faces, Kinks, Stones, Beach boys etc.
The image of the merry-go-round has me in the speedboat, I was 8 at the time.
I think that's a pretty naive attempt at a space capsule behind me, mind you. Very 50's Dan Dare!
There were the usual things like cars, bus, horses and so on to choose from, but I would have felt a tad cheated if I ended up on the one beside my boat - it's just an ordinary bike!
In the shadows in the background, there appears to be a range called "Shoot The Goalie" which sounds like it could have been run by Colombians!
Anyway, got my trunks in the middle of a rolled up towel, so time to start the speedboat up and set off for the Riviera.
Back soon......Ciao.


  1. slip slap slop as they say in Oz

  2. Have a good break, GG!

  3. Now remember Retro, if you were at Arbroath, you were at the "Switchies" and not the carnival. In the background, can be seen the war memorial and Arbroath Infirmary. In those days the Switchies took up the whole of the triangular piece of land behind the west end of Gayfield Park and were of course open air unlike nowadays when they are confined within a crumbling edifice on the same site.

  4. Didn't you notice "Damien" behind you ????? OMG your being stalked !!!!

  5. Aye, enjoy your staycation(?). Maybe you'll come back refreshed and full of brilliant ideas for keeping Retro Dundee going into next year.... and 2013, and 2014, and 2015...

  6. Remember your Dandy and Beano Summer Specials purchased at the railway station, natch.

  7. Retro Dundee Lover15 August 2011 at 02:23

    Hurry back Retro !