Friday, 17 June 2011


"Eh'm the king o' the castle..."
So everyone has their photo taken on top of the garden shed, right?
Oh well, it must have seemed like a good idea at the time, way back in 1969.
This is me, GG, on top of the shed aroond the backies in Craigie when I was 11.
It's one of my brother's early attempts at photography, him still being a schoolboy then too. It basically just came about by us mucking about during the 7 weekies and him suggesting to climb up on the shed for a picture.
I look quite cool from the shoulder up with my Polaroids on and mod hair, but below the shoulder is a bit of a strange mix!
That polo neck was bright orange. Then there is my nylon PE shorts, socks with the elasticity expired, and those oh so popular sandals.
The shed itself was a bit of a nightmare because the inside of it was hoachin' wi' forky-tailies. It was probably safer on the roof actually!
As you can see, the sharpness of the rooftop was the reason I opted to sit side-saddle!
Unlike Arthur though, we only had the one shed!


  1. Wullie fae Dundee17 June 2011 at 03:22

    you look like a young Roy Orbison!

  2. Is that a pair of Wayfarers?

  3. No idea if they are Wayfarers, I always just referred to them as Polaroids.

  4. Justin Bieber eat yir heart out :)

  5. Aha, somebody remembers Arthur.