Thursday, 9 June 2011


Got a rare, recently discovered colour photo from the 1960's of Lochee West Station at the junction of Elmwood Road and South Road.
Still lots of open land around the area back then, and even some quaint farm cottages across the road. In fact, you wouldn't think there would be much call for a rail stop at this point. Quite a change from how it is nowadays.
A reminder that there are a couple of other items on Lochee West Station in the March 2011 Retro Archives, including map and film footage.
Thanks to Gordon C.


  1. A real blast from the past here. I remember it so clearly.

  2. Can't believe the change.
    I remember playing in the woods in the background.
    Mr Stewart owned the ground and the lane off liff road is named after the family.
    The Patersons soon bought the woods and pitalpin house in the 80s and cut most of the trees down and buried the burn that ran through the woodees ( as we called it ). Many a happy day building dams and flooding the road.
    I also remember Grumpy who stayed beside the shops on butters loan. He had a bent back and was alway moaning at us for crossing his land. Hahaha.
    His house was knocked down in the 80s and was open ground for years. Now it's Donald's lane new houses on it.
    We had a tree house on his land.
    Amazing days.