Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Here's a couple of Dundee pubs in the process of being wiped off the map.
The top one is the Empire Bar & The Copper Bell Lounge which was on the corner of Rosebank Street / Constitution Street.
Underneath it is Bradley's Bar & the Talk Of The Town Lounge located on the corner of Ann Street / Ellen Street.
Both pub positions are listed in my 1970 Directory, but in my 1974 Directory the 2 addresses don't exist, so this demolition occurred sometime in-between these two dates.
Photos from Gordon C.


  1. I can notice on the corner of the bottom photo the new 1960's flats which were part of the Alexander Street Multis. The flats were demolished a few years ago and the Alexander Street multis are in the process of demolition and come down with dynamite on the end of July 2011 which is only 4 weeks away.

  2. I lived just along the road from this in Wellington Square and remember the demolition of Ann st from the school to Nelson street,the worst bit was Ianettas ice cream/sweet shop inbetween William st and Ellen st being destroyed it was the best ice cream in Dundee.

  3. And if you're back on Retro in a few days time, you'll see a picture of the Ianetta shop.

  4. the inside was really dark and dimly lit and there was a hatch in the wall behind the counter, and if you were being noisy or cheeky mr ianetta would stick his head through the hatch and stare at you I remember him as looking a bit like stalin but his ice cream was excelent, and he lived in a big house down on north george street along from the grey lodge, maybe he still does?

  5. I think they had an ice cream factory someplace near Coldside or Clippie Rd