Sunday, 12 June 2011


This was the moment in the late 80's when the Caird Hall was used to announce the setting up of the Tayside Anti Poll Tax Federation.
On stage, L to R - Unknown lass, Philip Stott, Alan Manley, unknown chap, Tommy Sheridan.
The group went on to organise protests and use urban guerrilla type tactics throughout the campaign.
Photo by The Bear.


  1. I didnt believe in the Poll Tax, I sympathised with the protesters although didnt protest. I didnt pay my Poll Tax for quite some time in Protest. Then Dundee District Cooncil (the b*stards) arrested my wages at the first weekend of the Dundee Fortnight and I had nothing to live on and went behind with my mortgage. So had to get a load to pay it and lift the arrestment. The Cooncil offices were filled with folk like me. I dunno how people still get away with no paying! Still...Good Old Maggie huh?

  2. the young woman on the left is I think Yvonne Rice who was a Militant supporter and a leading member of the Youth Rights Campaign locally.

  3. well, for what its worth i never paid a single penny.. Looking back there was a good sense of community in this rebellion.Initially brought on by the sense of outrage gainst Thatcher, trying this out on the " scots".. Im sure the future holds many more outrages, with the cuts we are about to suffer. Power to the people !

    lesley g.