Thursday, 5 May 2011


Pulsebeat Plus were an alternative band from Arbroath who played regularly in Dundee in the 80's. In fact, according to Brian Sinclair, they were the first band to play at the Tayside Bar during his reign.
The top 2 items are Cranked Up reviews of gigs they played in town in 1981. Still early days for Pulsebeat Plus, not quite getting their act together live despite the opinion that their music was really good. Sound problems and personnel changes.
The photo of the band was taken at an outdoor event up at Dudhope Park, sometime around 1986/87. In case you're wondering about the stage set, they're umbrellas daubed with paint!
So, seeing as they were the act that started off all the fun at the Tayside Bar, I think I'll allow them a guest spot on Retro Dundee.
Here's a demo track of theirs, from 1984ish, a catchy song called "Better By Miles".
Photo by The Bear.
Thanks to Al for the track.


  1. Derek Hannan far left in the pic

  2. george michael meets haircut one hundred fae arbroath

  3. Pigs are cute supported them once in Arbroath and I remember them being great.

    Anon is right though - they sound like george michael meets haircut one hundred. Blimey. Time changes everything.

  4. I was thinking Aztec Camera meets Spandau Ballet!

  5. I went to see Pulsebeat Plus a few times. Listening to this they do sound a little like Aztec Camera etc. Maybe they changed their sound from their earlier gigs as you say the gig was mid 80's and by that time most of the bands around at the early Tayside Bar days had probably split?

  6. Stanley Clark6 May 2011 at 08:21

    Nick Hayward, singing a Roddy Frame song we Blondies drummer and a reverb unit :)

  7. Actually, that's quite a line up!:)