Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Time to catch up with a few gig reviews at various venues from the first half of the 80's.
Starting with Nassau, and a gig that took place at the Tayside Bar in January 1982. This was a funky Glasgow band who were basically refining their set prior to being support act to a couple of well known acts. The review cropped up in the national music press.
Moving onto Jih, also at the Tayside Bar, a gig near the end of '83. Not sure if this was the band's debut gig but it was definitely one of their earliest. However, it turned out to be a night that didn't go down very well with the reviewer!
Another Tayside Bar gig next, this time from mid '83 and featuring Crucial Xylophones who gave us a performance that triggered dancing in the pub. A rare sight for the TSB!
Moving along to the University, with Bow Wow Wow the main attraction, and one I went to. They were very well known by this time and had a packed hall for their lively stage show. This gig was at the end of '82.
A Dance Factory event next and a performance by Talking Drums, early '85. Although the band put on a decent show, it was the Dundee crowd that upset the reviewer (Hilary) on this occasion.
Rounding things off with Plastic Surgery who were doing the biz at Beez Neez in January '85. This time Hilary is well pleased with what she saw!
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  1. Good old Dundonian Grant Mcanlly's band JIH. Grant used to pal around with Billy Mackenzie and Billy's wee brother Jimmy Mack (R.I.P). Jimmy used to play bass for JIH and Billy helped them out with some backing vocals for a cover of his song Take Me To The Girl. If anybody gets chance give JIH's album The Shadow To Fall a listen not bad.