Thursday, 26 May 2011


Before the Dance Factory made it's nest in Fat Sams, it used to roost at Teazers (Royal Hotel) in Union Street.
Here's an ad for a gig they put on there in August 1983 featuring Death Cult.
This was the bands' in-betweeny phase - first starting off as The Southern Death Cult, then shortening their name to this version, Death Cult, before finally in 1984 chopping it right down to The Cult, and that's when they then went on to be chart bound around the globe.
The gig was actually the live UK debut of the band under this name. Word of it reached journalists, leading to a gig review in the national music press!
You may recall Vex did a gig at the Tayside Bar in 1982 calling themselves Death Cult, but they reverted back to Vex after this lot here became known.

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  1. The gig that Ian Astbury fell through the stage. It couldn't handle his stompin' about on it.