Saturday, 14 May 2011


Here we go then - get your denim waistcoats on and let's see your hair flying for this little lot...a few bits & pieces about Dundee prog rockers, Colossus.
Starting from the top...
The band line-up circa 1979/80: Drew Scobie, keyboards - Ronnie Boyd, bass - Pete Caithness, guitar - Mike McIntosh, drums - Gordon Band, vocals.
Next is a review about Colossus winning a stage in a battle of bands called Marketgait Marvels Talent Contest which was held at the Bowling Alley in 1979. This particular round took place on 17th October and featured the other talents of TV21, Legal Aid and Megazones. The final took place on 30th November and included, Lipstick, Friction, Legal Aid, Distorts, and I think I'm right in saying that Colossus won that one too.
3rd item down is an article about a gig at Junction 9.
Then we have an ad from the Tele for a gig at Caird Hall on 17th December 1979 with UFO the headline act and Colossus the support.
Followed by a review of the gig itself. Colossus cheekily dropped a few bars of UFO's most well known tune "Doctor Doctor" into their set before slipping into their own material and causing a bit of a stir with the UFO team behind the scenes!
The wee article after it is for an outdoor do that took place up at Camperdown Park one Easter Sunday in 1980. Colossus were top of the bill that day, and the other acts sharing the stage were - Mafia, Megazones, Abnormal Load, Top Secret, Bow Street Runners and Jim Borland.
Accompanying the article is a photo of the band taken at the Camperdown fest.
The poster is dated 11th April 1980 and again Colossus are the main attraction for an under 18's Heavy Rock Night at the Marryat Hall. Support band was Bonded.
And rounding things off with a promo photo of the guys that they used to give away at their gigs. This collage was assembled by John Maguire who was their manager for a period as well as being manager of the Caird Hall.
I think you should be able to read all the items ok as they are, but if you're struggling, just click them to enlarge.
Big thanx to Gordon Band.


  1. these laddies were out of time, rockbores wi hair that was turned under at the back, wi a hair drier and round brush

  2. That description sounds more like the hairstyles of punk band The Ramones!