Saturday, 23 May 2009


38 years ago today, The Who were blasting out their sound live on stage at the Caird Hall.
I would only be 13 around this time so still a bit on the young side to attend this gig.
I did manage to catch them live a few years later in 1976 over in Glasgow at Parkhead.
One quirky connection The Who has with Dundee is that in the mid 60's, Dundee gang - SHIMMY - named themselves after The Who track "Shout and Shimmy". The gang even managed to get Roger Daltrey to shout "Shimmy Rule" over the mic at a gig in Perth they went to! This was when they were Mods, The Who being one of the few bands who have been both Mods and Rockers!


  1. I was 15 and plunked school to queue for tickets with my mate. Still remember Keith Moon drinking something (either water or whisky) during 'Water' and spitting it up in the air. Loud gig and fantastic.

  2. I remember this well, Keith Moon's water fountains, his tie dye outfit and his eventually successful drumstick throw and catch. I also saw him do press-ups behind the amps away from the view of the crowd from my vantage point in the balcony seats in line with the stage.

  3. This was my first gig, my older brother had a spare ticket and took me along. The band were so loud. my ears were buzzing for the whole day afterwards. I remember Keith Moon dropping this drum sticks a few times as he spun them in the air and tried to catch them. Also saw them at Parkhead in '76, first time I had seen a laser light show, but it was still light and difficult to see the lasers!!!

  4. I'm a Yank who lived in Fife at that time, and I went to this show with several pals from university. Didn't like it at all -- the Who's Next material was alien to my ears, and that's all there was except for a My Generation + Magic Bus at the end. I'd seen them in '67, at Monterey Pop, when I was already semi-rabid about them, and have always prefered that era.