Saturday, 30 May 2009


This promo shot of Susan Childe & The Flamingos was taken at the Barracuda, sometime before the disco first opened for business, so would be around 1975/76.
The Flamingos go further back than that though, to at least the very early 70's when they were known as Ray King & The Flamingos, and who originated from the West Indies. The line-up back then consisted of - Ray & Shirley King - Cleveland Walker - Lloyd Owen Wisdom - Howard "Bongo" McLeod - Calvert Ward & Jerry Bartholomew.
Dundee's Susan Childe got in on the act in 1972 when on a life-changing visit to the JM Ballroom to see the band play. On this particular night, singer Shirley King had to sit it out because she had a sore throat, so Ray King shouted out to the JM crowd asking if anyone wanted to get on stage to sing with the band - up stepped Susan Childe, who went on to perform "Puppy Love". After the show Ray asked Susan where she worked - which was Timex. That then lead to Ray visiting the factory a few days later to see her and ask if she fancied joining the band full time. Needless to say the answer was "YES" and so Susan clocked-out there & then and said ta ta to Timex!
After a couple of years, Susan left the band for a short while to live in London, and when she came back to rejoin the band in 1975, The Flamingos had split, with one half going on to form funk band, Rokotto. So the new band formation was now called Susan Childe & The Flamingos, as in the promo photo.

Big thanks to Yvonne.


  1. the barracuda seemed to be the place to be for promo pics :)

  2. Cool threads, Y J!!!!! I love the pic of you "back in the day" with that sexy looking hairdo and outfit!! We always knew you have the voice to match!!! Luv Ya, Me

  3. I remember going to the baraccuda when it looked like this, even though i was only sixteen. Was sneaked in by one of the doorman to watch Yvonne, but made to sit in a dark corner so no-one could see me. OHHHH was I excited or what. ha ha. Wish it was back to them good old days. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I remember your whole night was in the hands of those doormen.They would look at you & that was it!You either got in or not!!!!