Saturday, 2 May 2009


The Sensational Alex Harvey Band brought their show to town on 3rd May 1975, and what a show it was, with showman Alex Harvey on top form.
It wasn't just going to hear another rock band, it was going to witness a spectacle.
As soon as the pulsing throb intro to "Faith Healer" started, with Alex stepping on stage dressed like a punk pirate, you were hooked.
Alex would often act out a lot of the material. For example he would grease back his hair and put on a leather rocker's jacket for the song "Framed", then he'd dress like a B-movie detective for "Man In A Jar". He'd also use props like the brick wall behind the band to spray "Vambo rool ok" - gang graffiti being rather popular in Dundee at the time, so that went down well!. The rest of the band would join in too when it was time to do their zany dance routine during "Delilah".
The contrast in SAHB songs were quite extreme, sometimes scary sometimes funny, serious one minute cartoony the next, gritty then sophisticated, tales from the street then off on a flight of fantasy. When you dared take your eyes off Alex, you would then be mesmerised by guitarist Zal, dressed like the Joker from Batman, pulling faces and clowning around while his Gibson SG cut through you like a butcher's slicer.
A great band...a great nite oot!!
The support act on the night was Skyband.


  1. yes GG one of the best live bands you will ever see as it was a complete show and Alex harvey was a star. I was there and surprisingly it was only half full but as we know by 1976 the secret was well and truly out after he blew away the crowd at Parkhead as back up to the Who.
    Give my regards to Sargeant Fury

  2. I have a pic of myself and Alex Harvey outside the Caird Hall taken in the afternoon when the band were arriving to set things up. I had other pics but they r all lost now. I was at the concert at night. Ace show

  3. I still have the ticket stubs! A truly memorable gig. I was also at the hampden gig, but I preferred the intimate atmosphere of the caird hall