Wednesday, 13 May 2009


My first visit to the Ice Rink, ironically, didn't involve any ice! It was for a 5-a-side football tournament that took place in the mid 70's. Both Dundee and Dundee United were in with those participating, however, I'm afraid I can't recall any details as to the outcome of the event. The place was filled to capacity though and there was a great atmosphere.
I did manage to venture up later to catch some ice hockey games in the early 80's. The Dundee Rockets were a top notch team back then and they won numerous championships, so it was a great time to go see them play.
The Ice Rink also occasionally put on a variety of other functions such as live gigs, discos ( called Dice-cos, featuring the sounds of Vital Spark), and obviously you could go skating, try curling, then visit their restaurant.
I never did get around to sampling the skating sessions mind you.
In the above photo, the main entrance to the rink is just out of shot to the left. The Ice Rink finally closed down around 1993.
Photo by DC Thomson.Tints by GG.


  1. Ah, yes, the ice rink - I went there many a time with my Sunday School as a kid. I distinctly remember trying to balance on the ice while the "Frog Chorus" was being played over the speakers! This would have been around the time that Torvill and Dean were all the rage, so it was a very popular venue back then - however, I never got further than dragging myself round the circuit by hanging onto the wall!

    I wonder how telling it is that both of my favourite Dundee commercial venues that have graced this site - John Menzies and the Ice Rink - were eventually replaced by branches of Tescos...

  2. I used to go with my pal Marian on a Saturday night to the D-ice-co ! Remember them playing Dog Eat Dog by Adam and the Ants.
    I used to fancy a bloke that we nick-named 'Rabid" because he sort of frothed at the mouth a bit!
    We didn't have our own skates and had to get 'Hires' which we always stuffed with newspaper to make them fit properly.
    Ahhhhhhh, happy days!

  3. Ahh, the hire skates. Big blue wellie-looking things that probably broke and sprained many an ankle over the years!

    I used to go on a Saturday night as well. And yes, I was one of the guys who stood in the middle, which completely defeated the purpose of wearing skates. The building always seemed to be completely devoid of light which, coupled with the amount of hapless amateurs on the ice, was a weekly recipe for disaster! :D

    Wouldn't mind seeing any photos of the Kingsway Kabin if they're around.

  4. Istarted going to the ice rink saturdays 1970 - and then to the Dundee Rockets matches with pal Audrey and family...

  5. wow....brought back some great memories stumbling across this site! I played for the rockets back in '84/85 if i remember rightly. I think I was the first English player to play for the rockets (probably any scottish team!) and found it hard to fit in at first being an 'english bastard'!!! If anyone is still reading this i'd love to share somemore memories but incase no-one is reading i'll stop here!!!
    Rob (Bob) Breskal

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    Rob Breskal

  7. Eh mind of the blue skates they were the days eh Saturday night disco and a square go after it wouldn't be the same if there was no a fight eh got brand new skates n it shut down ah well