Thursday, 28 May 2009


At 26 Reform Street there was Andrew G Kidd, the bakers, and connected to it at 26a was the Cairngorm Restaurant.
What I can remember about the interior was that it had huge images of the Scottish Highlands on the walls. Not paintings or murals but actual real photos the full length. The above picture is just a wee mock-up I did to give an impression of what I mean.
I'm not sure now if you went downstairs to it, or if it was just partitioned off from the bakery area on ground level. I also had in mind it was only a cafe but it is listed as a restaurant.
And the bakers were contenders for the "best custard slices in town" in my opinion!


  1. Scream! I had totally forgotten The mum, granny and I were regulars there.
    Yes, it was definately downstairs as I somehow remember that it got regularly flooded. I also think it was the very first self service cafe I was ever in.
    Can't remember the murals but I do vividly remember the orange and brown formica tables and chairs.

  2. I remember the murals.The picture was a panorama that ran the length of the wall.I remember being fascinated by this,as the panorama was so long the picture repeated itself and you saw the same hills twice.

  3. also the crossed ski's and poles above the stairwell