Saturday, 9 May 2009


This image gives you an idea of how spacious the Cafe Americain was, the view being just one corner area of the pub in which their was a ground floor and upstairs to choose from. They actually had a grand piano which was just part of the decor and it hardly took up any room in the pub. They also had a wrought iron spiral staircase.
In the picture you can see a yellow poster on the left. You can make out it says "Dundee Jazz" on it but it's at too much of an angle to read the details, which is a pity, it would have been a nice little bonus to see what was going on when the picture was taken.
Photo by Nicholl Russell Studios.


  1. I'm sure I saw Morrissey/Mullen band there in the early 80's ,maybe that was what was on the poster.

  2. I think it was quite a large spiral staircase as I remember. Not great at the end of the night with heels.