Monday, 25 May 2009


Bloomers nightclub opened its doors in early '79, following on from its short-lived predecessor, Samantha's, in South Tay Street.
Although it was a disco in the main, it also hosted a decent batch of gigs in 1979 when punk & new wave music were coming on strong.
Examples of some acts who have performed there are - The Scars, Valves, Monos, Straits, Curfew, UK Subs, Cheetahs, Lew Lewis, etc.
Other bands who have played there are the 3 mentioned in the items above, who cropped up in fanzines in summer '79.
July saw local outfit, The Visitors, perform. Unfortunately, although the band got a good review, the guy who came through from Edinburgh to see them was a bit disappointed with the Dundee crowd!
Also in July, Glasgow act, Zones, visited Bloomers. They had done a couple of radio sessions on John Peel's show by this time and had released singles too.
August then had London Zoo play there. They were an English band who were signed to Scottish record label, Zoom. They were on the same bill as Angelic Upstarts for this gig.
The demise of Bloomers run as a club and venue came in Feb 1980, when the place was destroyed by a fire!

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