Tuesday, 26 May 2009


This piece of work is by the AUA (Ardler United Artists).
The fact that it's part of a Kingsway flyover means it would be a pretty tough venue to get this done, having to avoid the volume of passing traffic. A couple of night-time commando raids needed to accomplish it no doubt!
The graffiti was put down around 1984/85, but after all that effort, in the end, the artist got busted for it!
Big thanks to Lyken.
Lyken, who is a Graffiti Writer and Graphic Artist himself, has his own website worth checking out http://lykenlove.wordpress.com/
A real visual treat.


  1. Really impressed with Lyken`s website.
    This is a question that perhaps Lyken can answer if he reads this, but out of interest, are Voigt Kampff planning any future recordings?

  2. cheers dude!!
    main man synk lives in shanghai these days.
    there is a whole bunch of new stuff recorded, just need to thrash out which ones & who we are going to release it through. will work it all out when we are all together in the summer. last few years it has been pretty much all about the walls/graff for us!


  3. Thanks for the reply LL. Great to hear that there is some new material pending release. I`ll keep my peepers open for any further news.

  4. Love it, must be one of the earliest pieces done in the UK.