Saturday, 15 October 2011

C&A fashion - Overgate

The photo at the top is a wee reminder of how C&A appeared back in the mid 70's - this being the upper level of the Overgate.
In the 70's, C&A was not exactly a cool shop to go shopping, compared to what they had in trendy boutiques. The gents clothing dept for instance sold rather standard stuff - safe, sensible and somewhat boring.
They then came up with a concept in the 70's to make them try be more hip - "Man At C&A" was their slogan - but the look was still the same corny style stuff in the main.
In the 80's, they did manage to become a bit trendier, the guys had "Avante" and the gals had "Clockhouse", and these ideas did at least catch onto what was going on a bit better in street-style fashion.
The examples above are a couple of adverts from the 1980's.
The first is for Clockhouse and is dated 1984.
The one under it is for younger teenage lassies called Girls In Style, and is dated 1986.
Definitely an improvement on their 70's dreary-wear!

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  1. "Orange and black [...] could be worn on occasions when you want to feel 'smart but casual'". Or on a trip to Tannadice, surely?