Wednesday, 15 June 2011


While the chap in the foreground drifts off to sleep, the ship in the background drifts off to it's next port of call.
This shot capturing the slow pace of a hot summer day was taken on 5th July 1989.
I think the image is a bit deceptive though because I reckon the blokes are plonked down way along in Fisher Street, quite a distance from the castle, with a telephoto lens probably creating a foreshortening illusion, giving the impression that they are closer to the castle than they actually are. I'm sure Neale will be able to give the lowdown on that.
And if anyone out there knows their ships, then now's your chance to shine, see if you can name this one.
Photo by Neale Elder.


  1. Well GG, I'm no technical expert in photography, but I do remember this picture was taken from away along Fisher Street with some fancy zoom lens that weighed a ton. It was also the day before I sat my driving test and I was just wandering about the Ferry trying to take my mind off it.

    I've never managed to identify the ship, and would would be interested to know what it was. Does it still exist, or has it been scrapped on some Asiatic beach?

  2. When I first looked at the photo I at first just kinda assumed the 2 guys were somewhere beside the pier near the castle dock area, then I spotted what I thought was the lifeboat ramp, and that's when I sussed they may be in Fisher St.
    So that must have been a pretty good piece of kit you had with you that day!

  3. Sometimes using a 2 times convertor compressed the depth of field too.

  4. Gavin Whitelaw15 June 2011 at 22:56

    This is the ramp at the foot of Gray Street! Nice shot. Just writing this in London having come back yesterday from my Mum's house about 25 yards from the photo location! Homesick already!!